Project overview: Implement enriching volunteer programs in Yosemite that enable people to share their time and talents while supporting important work, including visitor education, Preventive Search and Rescue, and meadow restoration.

How your support helps: Yosemite Conservancy’s volunteer programs play an essential role in visitor services and restoration projects in the park. Our visitor information volunteers staff information stations at popular locations, where they answer people’s questions, offer tips and directions, and help visitors make the most out of their time in the park. The Conservancy’s work week volunteers support a wide range of fieldwork, from removing informal paths and invasive plants to protect meadow habitat, to creating safe approach trails for climbing routes. In recent years, our volunteer program has partnered with the park’s Preventive Search and Rescue team to expand safety-focused outreach along the popular trails leading to Vernal Fall and Half Dome.

In many cases, the work accomplished through these programs wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers. Each year, volunteers donate more than 17,000 hours of their time to support restoration, research, visitor services, and more.

This year: This year, with your support, our volunteer team will work closely with National Park Service colleagues to coordinate a series of high-quality programs through which Yosemite fans can share their time and talents to fill gaps in visitor services and complete much-needed restoration projects.

Learn more about our volunteer programs in Yosemite.

Project partner: Yosemite National Park