Project overview: Lay the framework for future landscape projects that will improve accessibility, refresh outdoor gathering areas, and re-establish historic character in Yosemite Village.

How your support helps: Yosemite Village is at the center of Yosemite’s human environment. The Yosemite Village Strategy Report will consider how to revitalize the condition of the cultural landscape and address the next 20 years of appropriate maintenance, operations, and interpretive objectives. Projects include improving accessibility and safety, refreshing the functionality and aesthetic of outdoor gathering areas, protecting and re-establishing historic character, and improving circulation to avoid confusion for Yosemite Village visitors.

This year: In 2024, building on past efforts, a new core team of Yosemite National Park Service employees will partner with Yosemite Conservancy, Tribal representatives, and part partners to produce a project strategy report with concise and obtainable actions, focused on landscape projects in the West Village, as well as pedestrian and bike routes connecting Village parking to Village destinations and routes to Yosemite Falls.

Project partners: Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Conservancy, Tribal partners

Kimberly Oppen

Project Notes

"Yosemite Village is still one of the best examples where Yosemite Conservancy and National Park Service missions overlap and manifest in the built environment."