Project overview: Develop a new Yosemite Geoportal as a one-stop hub for external collaborators, students, Tribal partners, and the public to access online maps, spatial data, and geographic information resources.

How your support helps: Currently, the Geographic Information System (GIS) at Yosemite National Park has not been deployed for external or public access, which is an issue for those who want to use or view the park’s spatial data. This project will modernize, streamline, and centralize Yosemite’s public spatial data and online map sharing on the new Yosemite Geoportal. Once established, the geoportal will be able to accommodate more data and maps, as the park continues to expand its geographic information resources.

This year: In 2024, this project will provide easy public access to a spatial data catalog of datasets, including sequoia grove boundaries, trails and trailheads, and species distribution models, as well as a gallery of maps and a new public park atlas for exploring Yosemite’s most popular map layers. In 2025, we will develop bilingual online maps, as very few online map resources are currently available in Spanish.

Project partners: Yosemite National Park

Elizabeth Hale

Resource Management and Science, Yosemite National Park

Project Notes

"This project would modernize, streamline, and centralize Yosemite's public spatial data and online map sharing on a new "Yosemite Geoportal" ArcGIS Online hub site."