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Helping people learn about and experience Yosemite safely and sustainably.

Every year, Yosemite’s world-famous landscape and recreational opportunities draw millions of people from around the globe. Your support can fund education, safety and stewardship programs, and other efforts focused on ensuring all visitors have access to safe, enjoyable and environmentally sustainable experiences.

Current Projects

Welcoming Visitors to Yosemite Valley – 2020
A multiyear project to create a new welcome center in Yosemite Village will transform the experience of visiting the Valley.
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Adventure Risk Challenge: Empower Future Stewards – 2020
Help teens from disadvantaged Central Valley communities build confidence and connect with nature, through a 40-day Yosemite course, hiking trips, mentoring and leadership education.
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Ask a Climber – 2020
Connect visitors with Yosemite’s vertical wilderness through a ranger-led programs focused on natural history, climbing culture and environmental conservation.
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Big Oak Flat Entrance: Design Visitor Exhibits – 2020
Design educational and informational signs for Big Oak Flat, a key step in the process of upgrading the visitor experience for people entering the park via Highway 120 West.
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Create a Modern Trip-Planning Video – 2020
Revamp the popular “One Day in Yosemite” video for a 21st-century audience, making key orientation, safety and stewardship information readily available online and in the park.
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Develop Pop-Up Visitor Education Programs – 2020
Use innovative “pop-up” programming to engage visitors in brief but thought-provoking activities that stoke curiosity and encourage deeper engagement with the park.
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Expand Yosemite’s Multilingual Media – 2020
Make trip-planning tools and videos available in Mandarin, Korean and Spanish to help non-English-using visitors access essential information for their time in the park.
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Junior Ranger Programs – 2020
Inspire Yosemite’s future stewards through Junior Ranger activities that encourage kids and families to explore, learn about and protect the natural world.
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Mariposa Grove Road: Install Automated Gates – 2020
Install an automatic keypad-controlled gate system to improve access to ADA parking areas at the Mariposa Grove Arrival Plaza and near the Grizzly Giant for people with disabilities.
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Whether you’re coming to Yosemite for the first time or are back for your fiftieth annual trip, you can benefit from the visitor services and educational programs our donors support in the park. Preventive Search and Rescue volunteers and signs share safety messages at busy trailheads. Seasonal climber stewards teach people about climbing history, geology and gear — and about taking care of the vertical environment. The Yosemite Bike Share lets visitors pedal around the Valley instead of getting in their cars.

Keep an eye out for Conservancy-supported activities and resources on your next Yosemite visit! And in the meantime, check out some of the many ways our donors have helped enhance visitor experiences over the years.

Areas of Focus

Thanks to supporters, we’ve provided over $130 million to Yosemite for more than 680 completed projects. Donor gifts help improve trails, restore habitat, protect wildlife, inspire the next generation of nature-lovers and more. Explore our funding areas to see current and past projects.