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Studying and saving Yosemite's diverse wildlife, including many threatened species.

The park’s protected landscape supports an astounding array of wildlife, including more than 400 kinds of mammals, birds, amphibians, fish and reptiles, and provides a haven for threatened and endangered species. Your support can fund projects to study and protect animals that make their seasonal or year-round homes in Yosemite.

Current Projects

Keep Bears Wild: Campground Food Lockers – 2020
Replace dozens of outdated bear-resistant food storage lockers at southwestern Yosemite campsites.
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Protect Endangered Bighorn Sheep – 2020
Work toward establishing a self-sustaining population of Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep in the Yosemite Wilderness by monitoring and expanding the Cathedral Range herd.
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Protect Peregrine Falcons – 2020
Protect peregrines on rock walls while maximizing recreational access, by monitoring falcon nests, implementing targeted seasonal climbing-route closures and educating climbers.
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Save At-Risk Amphibians – 2020
Monitor and address threats to three vulnerable species — Yosemite toads, Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogs and California red-legged frogs — using cutting-edge techniques.
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Save the Sierra Nevada Red Fox – 2020
Use remote cameras, scat surveys and genetic analysis to gather data that will inform conservation strategies for the rare Sierra Nevada red fox.
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Survey Mountain Lion Populations – 2020
Conduct noninvasive surveys to collect key data on Yosemite’s mountain lions and inform statewide efforts to protect the species, which faces widespread habitat loss.
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With your support, wildlife experts help ensure that Yosemite’s diverse animals, from tiny butterflies to 250-pound black bears, can thrive in their natural habitats. Donor-funded projects have helped park wildlife teams bring endangered bighorn sheep back to the Cathedral Range after a century-long absence; restore populations of California red-legged frogs and western pond turtles; record the first sighting of a rare red fox inside the park in 99 years; dramatically reduce bear-related incidents through visitor education, effective food-storage solutions and bear-monitoring technology; and much more.

To learn more about how donors’ gifts have made a difference for Yosemite wildlife, check out our past projects.

Areas of Focus

Thanks to supporters, we’ve provided over $130 million to Yosemite for more than 680 completed projects. Donor gifts help improve trails, restore habitat, protect wildlife, inspire the next generation of nature-lovers and more. Explore our funding areas to see current and past projects.