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Preserving natural habitats and healthy ecosystems for flora, fauna and future generations.

Yosemite’s nearly 750,000 acres harbor diverse terrain, from low-elevation meadows and woodlands, to alpine lakes and talus slopes. Your support can fund projects to restore habitats, so natural processes and native species can thrive in healthy ecosystems.

Current Projects

Ackerson Meadow: Science and Stewardship – 2019
Conduct critical surveys of wetlands, wildlife and water flow, while shaping plans for a landmark restoration of Yosemite’s newest meadow habitat.
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Keep It Wild: Restore Yosemite’s Wilderness – 2019
Engage youth and adult volunteers in restoration projects to enhance and protect natural processes and wilderness character in Yosemite’s vast backcountry.
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Plant Flowers to Save Pollinators – 2019
Transform damaged meadows into healthy habitat for imperiled pollinators, such as monarch butterflies, by removing invasive plants and sowing native flora.
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Restore Pothole Dome Wetlands – 2019
Heal damaged habitat in western Tuolumne Meadows, where erosion, poor drainage and informal trails have sapped meadow health.
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Restore Yosemite Valley Vistas – 2019
Protect native oak woodlands, meadow habitat and classic views by removing targeted conifers and clearing woody debris from the Valley floor.
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Restore Yosemite Valley Wetlands – 2019
Rehabilitate wetland habitat at Lower River Amphitheater by removing abandoned infrastructure, including asphalt, and planting native vegetation.
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You’ll see signs of healthy habitat restored through donor-funded projects almost anywhere you go in Yosemite. Milkweed blooming in Yosemite Valley meadows. Rare plants flourishing in the soaked “spray zone” beside Vernal Fall. Giant sequoia seedlings stretching out of healthy soil, 300 feet below the crowns of their mature relatives. Wetland rebounding in Lyell Canyon, as vegetation takes root in the former footprint of a relocated trail.

Our habitat restoration projects have rehabilitated and protected ecosystems in popular parts of the park, such as Mariposa Grove and Tuolumne Meadows, and in the far reaches of the Yosemite Wilderness, where “Keep It Wild” crews carefully repair areas impacted by backcountry camping. Want to learn more? Take a look at our iconic and past projects.

Areas of Focus

Thanks to supporters, we’ve provided $125 million to Yosemite for more than 640 completed projects. Donor gifts help improve trails, restore habitat, protect wildlife, inspire the next generation of nature-lovers and more. Explore our funding areas to see current and past projects.