Yosemite is a celebrated natural treasure, one of the country’s first national parks and a designated World Heritage Site. Millions of people around the globe and across generations cherish memories made among the granite walls, waterfalls, soaring peaks and stately sequoias that mark this nearly 750,000-acre section of California’s Sierra Nevada.

Yosemite is known as the birthplace of the national park idea — and of nonprofit park partnerships. In 1864, President Lincoln signed the Yosemite Grant Act, which set aside Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove as the United States’ first protected public lands and sowed the seeds for our modern park system. Nearly 60 years later, the Yosemite Museum Association formed to help build a museum in Yosemite. That association, the first nonprofit partner in the National Park System, evolved over decades and strengthened its partnership with the park — now, it lives on as Yosemite Conservancy. (Read more about our history here.)

Today, we help park fans from around the world explore and conserve Yosemite. With support from generous donors, we help people connect with the park, including through adventures, art, theater and books, and we fund restoration, research, wildlife management, visitor education and more. Explore our website to learn more ways to experience Yosemite and projects you can support in the park.


We’re passionate about Yosemite — and about helping people connect with, learn about and take care of this remarkable place.

Our mission: We inspire people to support projects and programs that preserve Yosemite and enrich the visitor experience.

Our vision: Ensuring Yosemite’s grandeur through the ages.


We support the park by funding projects, offering high-quality visitor programs and providing key services. None of that work is possible without support from people who love Yosemite — people like you! Give back to your park by joining us as a donor, volunteering your time, participating in our programs and shopping in our bookstores.

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We’re grateful to collaborate with other organizations and companies that share our passion for Yosemite.

National Park Service

National Park Service logo.Since 1916, the American people have entrusted the National Park Service with the care of their national parks. With the help of volunteers and park partners, we are proud to safeguard these more than 400 places and to share their stories with more than 300 million visitors every year.

Yosemite Hospitality

Yosemite Hospitality logo.Yosemite Hospitality, a division of Aramark, operates lodging, food and beverage, retail, recreational activities, tours, interpretive programs, transportation, and service stations under contract with the U.S. Department of Interior with a focus on delivering authentic and memorable guest experiences.

The Ansel Adams Gallery

The Ansel Adams Gallery logo.The Ansel Adams Gallery is a registered California historic business, owned and operated in Yosemite by the family of Ansel Adams since 1902. The gallery has evolved into a center that celebrates the arts and the natural grandeur of our environment.


Nature Bridge logo.NatureBridge is a nonprofit partner of Yosemite National Park, whose mission is to educate youth, inspire stewardship and protect the planet through interactive, residential environmental education programs. NatureBridge has introduced one million young people to the science and wonder of nature in the world’s best classrooms — our national parks.


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