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Our dedicated board and council members provide thoughtful guidance and generous support. They offer expertise and insights from diverse personal and professional experiences, and all share a deep connection to Yosemite National Park.

Board Officers

Board Members

Jan Avent
Diane Ciesinski
John Dorman
Dave Dornsife
Jewell Engstrom
Bill Floyd
Don Fuhrer
Rusty Gregory*
Philip L. Pillsbury Jr.
Rod Rempt
Skip Rhodes
Greg Stanger
Russ Stanton
Ann Sundby
Clifford J. Walker
Wally Wallner

Council Members

(*Board Members)

Jeanne and Michael Adams
Wally Wallner and Jill Appenzeller
Gretchen Augustyn
Steve Lockhart and Karen Bals
Hal Cranston and Vicki Baker
Suzy and Bob Bennitt*
Marilyn and Allan Brown
Steve and Diane Ciesinski*
Kira and Craig Cooper
Carol and Manny Diaz
Leslie and John Dorman
Dave* and Dana Dornsife*
Bob and Jewell Engstrom*
Kathy Fairbanks
Sandra and Bernard Fischbach
Cynthia and Bill Floyd*
Susan and Don Fuhrer*
Bonnie Gregory
Rusty Gregory*
Karen and Steve Hanson
Chuck and Christy Holloway
Christina Hurn and Richard Tassone
Jennifer and Gregory Johnson
Jim Freedman and Karine Joret
Laura Hattendorf and Andy Kau
Walt Lemmermann
Melody and Bob Lind
Sam and Cindy Livermore
Anahita and Jim Lovelace
Jenny Augustyn and Ali Meghdadi
Mark Marion and Sheila Grether-Marion
Patsy and Tim Marshall
Kirsten and Dan Miks
David Bowman and Gloria Miller
Robyn and Joe Miller
Kate and Ryan Myers
Janet Napolitano
Dick Otter and Judy Wilbur
Sharon and Philip L. Pillsbury Jr.*
Gisele and Lawson Rankin
Bill Reller
Pam and Rod Rempt*
Frankie and Skip Rhodes*
Liz Robbins
Dave Rossetti and Jan Avent*
Lisa and Greg Stanger*
Jennifer and Russ Stanton*
Ann* and George Sundby
Jack Walston and Sue Estes
Helen and Scott Witter