Project overview: Help visitors connect with Yosemite through creative expression. Coordinate 30 weeks of outdoor art classes and broaden the Conservancy art programs’ reach with initiatives such as free workshops, free children’s classes, and pop-up art activities.

How your support helps: Yosemite Conservancy’s long-running art programs have helped thousands of people connect with their surroundings through creative expression.  

With your support this year, the team also plans to introduce new programming that will broaden the reach of our art offerings and make park-based art more accessible to more people. Initiatives include popup art activities in Yosemite Valley, as well as free art classes. In 2023, over 2,700 art class attendees participated free class offerings

Your support enables us to connect visitors with top-notch instructors, provide supplies, go deeper on their understanding of Yosemite, and invest in new ideas to help even more people find inspiration and connection in Yosemite through art. 

Sign up for an art class, paint and sip, or art retreat at 

Project partners: Yosemite Conservancy