Project overview: Explore solutions to improve visitor access and operational efficiency by modernizing antiquated entry processes, reservation validation, online payment methods, and unauthorized vehicle enforcement.

How your support helps: Yosemite’s experience managing access to the park during the pandemic provided valuable insights. While the system improved conditions within the park, it created untenable conditions at the entrance stations. The need to validate vehicles before they enter the park dramatically increased the workload for staff, causing delays for visitors and employees. This project will explore a range of solutions designed to automate outdated processes, positioning Yosemite to improve visitor access, visitor satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

This year: In 2024, with your support, we will research a number of pilot programs, including: 

  • An entrance station bypass system to reduce wait times of vehicles that do not need to interact with entrance station staff. 
  • License-plate reader technology for returning visitors to allow them to utilize the entrance station bypass. 
  • Improved fee payment and pre-payment systems. 
  • Increased research and development by partnering with industry professionals with a goal of consolidating reservations, payments, vehicle identification, and enforcement into one comprehensive system. 

Project partners: Yosemite Conservancy