Project overview: Improve visitor experience and safety along some of the most spectacular and heavily used trails in the National Park System, including a signage overhaul, trail improvements, rebuilding Happy Isles footbridge, and more.

*This project is being funded through Yosemite Conservancy’s Centennial Campaign. 

How your support helps: The area between the start of the John Muir Trail in eastern Yosemite Valley and the summit of Half Dome is easily the most popular hiking terrain in the park. The “Half Dome Corridor” offers an array of memorable experiences: Watch the Merced River waltz around Happy Isles, feel cool spray on the steep steps beside Vernal Fall, pitch a tent in Little Yosemite Valley, or climb the famous granite-anchored cables. 

This well-loved part of the park is in desperate need of large-scale restoration work. Limited or confusing signs lead to hikers straying off formal trails. “Social” trails forged by hikers cut across sensitive habitat. Ruts and damage to trails create safety hazards

Your support of a multiyear effort that began in 2023 is transforming the visitor experience and better protecting natural resources along the corridor.  

With your help, park managers will ensure the Half Dome Corridor is as safe and ecologically sound as possible, ready to welcome and wow hikers today and for decades to come. 

This year: In 2024, we will begin efforts on an environmental assessment, as well as required inventories and reports, to continue this important project. 

Project partner: Yosemite National Park.

Kevin Killian

Chief Ranger, Yosemite National Park

Project Notes

"This project addresses visitor safety, resource management and wilderness education concerns along the most heavily used trails in Yosemite."