Yosemite’s magnificent trails cover hundreds of miles of terrain, from Dorothy Lake in the north to Chiquito Pass in the south. Most of Yosemite’s millions of annual visitors, however, create their park memories on the celebrated trails in the Valley, which provide day-hike access to serene hikes and spectacular views.

Those popular Valley trails offer hiking opportunities to suit any mood, whether you want to stroll along the Merced River, soak in the mist beside Vernal Fall or tackle the heart-pounding switchbacks beside Upper Yosemite Fall. With your support in 2019, Yosemite’s top-notch restoration crews will complete much-needed work on some of the park’s most beloved trails, including the Valley Loop, Mirror Lake, Mist, Yosemite Falls and Snow Creek trails, to repair damage from winter storms, rock falls and frequent foot traffic. Crews will also rehabilitate a stretch of the heavily hiked John Muir Trail between Vernal Fall and Clark Point, with the goal of improving visitor safety and protecting trailside habitat.

Your gift will support crucial restoration work that creates safer, more enjoyable hiking experiences and protects natural resources.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park

Brian Mattos

Facility Management, Roads & Trails, Yosemite National Park

Project Notes

Every year, a crew of NPS trails employees assesses, maintains and repairs the Valley Trails after a winter of snow fall, falling rocks, tree falls and other damage. In addition to work on the popular Valley trails, critical repairs will take place on the historic John Muir Trail, one of the most heavily utilized in the park, with an average of over 85,000 visitors each month during the summer.