Yosemite’s Indian Village exhibit, located behind the Yosemite Museum, is designed to provide an interactive introduction to American-Indian history and culture. Over time, however, the village’s educational resources have grown outdated, and its structures have fallen into disrepair.

This project, coordinated by a youth intern from a Yosemite-area tribe, will engage visitors in hands-on educational programs, during which they will work with the park’s cultural demonstrators to repair structures in the village, including fencing, huts and bark-covered umacha dwellings. Park staff will also redesign the cultural demonstration area in the adjacent museum to create a more engaging learning experience for visitors.

Your support will enable the park to restore and redesign valuable educational resources, while helping visitors gain a deeper understanding of Yosemite’s original — and continuing — stewards.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park