Harden Lake is a small sub-alpine lake at 7,600 feet in the White Wolf area in Yosemite National Park. The lake is surrounded by designated wilderness and provides important habitat for plants and animals.

Abandoned Roads and Structures

An abandoned road and several derelict structures were disrupting the lake’s natural ecological and hydrological processes and also degrading wilderness character. To improve habitat and the visitor experience, the Conservancy provided funds to restore this beautiful location.

Re-Wilding an Old Road

Yosemite Conservancy and the National Park Service cooperated on a two-year project to remove and restore 1.5 miles of closed and abandoned road that runs between Harden Lake and White Wolf. Other parts of the road were re-contoured to create a single-track trail for hikers. Abandoned structures were removed, while corporate volunteers assisted in mulching and reseeding the restored area. This project allowed 38 acres to be returned to “wilderness status,” by re-establishing natural topography and improving forest habitat.