Project overview: Display and share online visualizations online of current conditions and trends in weather, stream flows, fires, air quality, and more for visitors and park staff.

How your support helps: This project will consolidate data feeds from park weather stations, streamgages, and other monitoring sites into a “Yosemite Observer” dashboard, which will show current conditions and trends in weather, streams, fires, and particulate matter, and provide access to search and download historical data.

The park’s hydrology, fire, and air quality programs already collect high-quality data, which can inform decision-making by park managers. Rather than each program building and hosting their own separate dashboard, this project will coordinate efforts across the park and integrate data feeds into one dashboard with user-friendly visual displays.

This year: In 2022, the first year of an ongoing effort, Conservancy funds will allow data technicians to create the dashboard and a telemeter for the Tenaya Creek gauge.

Project partner: Yosemite National Park

Elizabeth Hale

Resource Management and Science, Yosemite National Park

Project Notes

"People love watching the weather!"