The trailheads along Tioga Road, the only trans-Sierra route in Yosemite National Park, provide access to hundreds of miles of wilderness trails. Tioga Road passes through several ecological zones on its journey from the 6,000-foot Crane Flat to the 10,000-foot Sierra Crest, offering an array of backcountry experiences for hikers and backpackers.

In recent years, Conservancy donors funded improvements on five trailheads along Tioga Road: Gaylor Lakes East at Tioga Pass, Mono Pass, Snow Creek, May Lake, Western Pond, Porcupine Creek, Ten Lakes, Yosemite Creek, Lukens Lake and Tamarack Flat. Through this project, crews restored degraded areas; constructed and improved restroom facilities; installed interpretive and wayfinding signs; and added crosswalks, shuttle stops, parking areas and ADA-compliant walkways to enhance access and safety for all visitors. This project also added bear-proof food storage lockers and trash receptacles at the trailheads, an important component of efforts to keep Yosemite’s bears wild.

With support from Conservancy donors, this major restoration project transformed trailheads – and the visitor experience – along Tioga Road. Today, those trailheads offer a safe, easy and enjoyable way to explore the northern part of Yosemite, whether you’re setting off on a day hike, venturing out for a weeklong backpacking trip, or just pausing to stretch your legs on your way across the park.

Lou Summerfield

Branch Chief of Roads & Trails

Project Notes

One thing I give thanks for almost every day, is the generosity, dedication and passion of Conservancy donors who provide us with resources to keep Yosemite's trail system the gold standard within the National Park system.