Project overview: Complete key final elements of the pedestrian loop around Tenaya Lake by building boardwalks, a bridge and a new section of trail near Murphy Creek, on the lake’s northern shore.

How your support helps: Yosemite’s stunning Tenaya Lake glitters at the base of granite domes and peaks beside Tioga Road. In the summer, people flock to the mile-long lake’s sandy shores to wade, swim, paddle, picnic and relax.

In the past decade, Yosemite Conservancy donors have funded multiple projects at Tenaya Lake to protect habitat and create a pedestrian route around the shoreline. Through those grants, park crews have rehabilitated the lake’s popular eastern beach (2012), restored the trail along the southern edge (2013), installed a new accessible trail and a boardwalk to carry visitors over a sensitive wetland area at the west end (2014), and built an accessible viewing area (2016).

Now, your support will help the park achieve a major milestone for this cherished high country setting: completing the Tenaya Lake loop. In 2021, your gifts will help crews build two boardwalks, a bridge, and several thousand square feet of new trail on the lake’s northern shore, ultimately linking the Sunrise Trailhead, the Murphy Creek parking area, and the East Beach. These elements will help create a full pedestrian loop, allowing people to hike all the way around Tenaya Lake safely and easily, while protecting shoreline habitat.

Did you know? Your support is also funding new informational signs that will help visitors find their way and learn about the Tenaya Lake area. 

Project partner: Yosemite National Park.