During World War II, Yosemite helped offer holistic, place-based healing to thousands of wounded soldiers. Decades later, the park’s potential to serve as a transformative resource for veterans persists.

This grant funds the development and implementation of a new one-week seminar for veterans in Yosemite, focused on helping participants build a strong, supportive community and navigate benefits related to education and careers. The pilot program will include a mix of classroom sessions, group activities and outdoor experiences led by veterans from government agencies, corporations and nonprofits — all in one of the world’s most inspiring natural settings. Ultimately, the seminar aims to help put veterans on a path toward rewarding civilian careers, including in the National Park Service and other public lands agencies.

Your support will create an opportunity for veterans to find support and inspiration in the ultimate outdoor classroom: Yosemite.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park; University of California, Merced; University of the Pacific; and California Parks and Protected Areas.

Kevin Killian

Chief Ranger

Project Notes

As in WWII, this seminar will use the restorative powers of Yosemite to help veterans align back into civilian society with excellent, competitive backgrounds, ready to launch into careers of their choice.