Yosemite’s showstopping scenery is world-famous, with good reason. You could spend hours gazing at sunbathed cliffs and domes, watching water flow over falls and through rivers, and marveling at sky-scraping peaks.

At Glacier Point, Olmsted Point, Tunnel View and Half Dome View, you’ll find sweeping vistas, ample opportunities to observe and be inspired by the power of nature — and evidence of our supporters’ gifts at work! Thanks to donor-funded restoration projects, people stopping at the park’s classic overlooks get to take in jaw-dropping scenery from beautiful, welcoming, environmentally sustainable viewing areas.

Stop by one of Yosemite’s classic overlooks on your next park visit to enjoy the results of these restoration projects — and to soak up the views, of course!

Ken Burns

Documentary Filmmaker

Project Notes

As you enter the park, you run through a few switchbacks, past some unremarkable forest, and then, without warning, the Valley just opens up. I remember standing beside my car with the afternoon sun at my back, tears in my eyes.