Ostrander Ski Hut, at the edge of Ostrander Lake, is a welcome sight for many backcountry snow enthusiasts who look forward to relaxing at this rustic hut at the end of the day. Built in 1941 and situated amid stunning views of Half Dome and the Clark Range, the hut is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Various upgrades and enhancements to the hut and the adjoining woodshed were made in 2013 to safeguard visitor health and improve the quality of accommodations. Without ongoing preservation, these historic structures would fall into disrepair and no longer be available to park visitors.
Ostrander Ski Hut joins a unique list of historic Yosemite structures that, with your support, are being preserved and protected for the future.

Alice Tenscher-Dunbar

Longtime visitor to Ostrander Ski Hut

Project Notes

Much of life happens here, young and old come together, new friendships are kindled, and history and traditions are made. Ostrander Ski Hut is a backcountry treasure that deserves our support and protection.