Support from Conservancy donors has helped shape a new trail system around Tenaya Lake, Yosemite’s high country “jewel.” Work started at the East Beach, continued along the south shore and wrapped around the western edge, now home to a boardwalk over sensitive wetland.

This grant provides vital design support for the final phase of the project, which will complete the pedestrian loop around the lake through a range of activities on the north shore, including habitat restoration; an upgraded parking area; and a new trail, bridges and boardwalk designed to protect surrounding wetlands. Ultimately, the project will create an accessible link between the lake’s western and eastern edges.

Your contribution will support continued efforts to restore natural beauty and ecological health at Tenaya Lake, while ensuring visitors of all abilities can explore and appreciate this special place.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park.

R. Brad Lewis

Senior Landscape Architect

Project Notes

Hiking around Tenaya Lake will create lasting impressions of Yosemite's beauty. This proposal would fund the work necessary to clarify way finding and natural resources protected, and provide an enhanced experience of Yosemite's spectacular high country.