Project goal: Increase the availability of educational resources that reflect and respect the language diversity of today’s Yosemite visitors, to help the park better serve non-English-speakers.

Why this work matters: Yosemite welcomes more than 4 million visitors each year, including many people from non-English-speaking countries or communities. While the park provides a variety of resources to help people learn about, navigate and stay safe in Yosemite, most of that information is only available in English.

To better serve non-English-speaking visitors and ensure they have necessary information to plan trips, protect natural resources and enjoy their time in Yosemite, park staff are working to make educational materials available in multiple languages. This grant funds the translation of two videos that play daily at the Yosemite Theater (Yosemite: A Gathering of Spirit and The Spirit of Yosemite), and the creation of a new trip-planning tool that visitors will be able to use online and in the park. The videos and trip planner will be available in Mandarin, Korean and Spanish, three of the most commonly used non-English languages among visitors.

How your support helps: Your donations will provide funding to expand Yosemite’s multilingual media resources to better reflect the diversity of today’s park visitors. By supporting this effort, you’ll enable the park to communicate with more non-English-speaking visitors in a meaningful way, convey information to keep people safe and protect resources, and help visitors from around the country and world feel more comfortable in and connected to Yosemite. 

Partnering with Yosemite National Park.

Ephriam Dickson

Branch Chief of Museum and Media, Yosemite National Park

Project Notes

"In order to fulfill the National Park Service mission of public education and resource protection it is imperative for us to reach non-English speaking user groups in meaningful ways."