Adventure Risk Challenge (ARC) transforms the trajectories of teenagers from low-income families in California’s Central Valley through environmental education, mentoring, hiking trips and more. In addition to helping students build core academic, social and emotional skills, ARC encourages participants to forge meaningful connections to public lands. Program data show that 98 percent of alumni have finished high school on time, and 81 percent have gone on to college.

2019 marks ARC’s 10th year of Yosemite-based programming. During the past decade, Conservancy donors have helped hundreds of ARC participants develop valuable skills through academic-year retreats, mentorships and an immersive 40-day Yosemite summer course that includes activities ranging from backpacking expeditions to public-speaking exercises.

This year, your gifts will help ARC give dozens of underrepresented Yosemite-area teens the chance to connect with their nearby national park.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park and Adventure Risk Challenge

Will Fassett

Program Director, Adventure Risk Challenge

Project Notes

ARC works with local high school students who wouldn’t otherwise have opportunities to go on summer adventures.