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Looking for unique ways to immerse in nature?

Explore opportunities to deeply connect with Yosemite. Summer forest art walks, forest bathing programs, and other expert-led programs provide varied opportunities for you to immerse in nature in the park.

Dan Webster modeling how to immerse in nature through Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing Programs

Experience Yosemite with all five of your senses during two days of meditative and relaxing programming.

Experience Forest Bathing Now


Listen to this guided audio by Naturalist Guide Dan Webster to find peace and restoration right where you are.


Scene from a nature journaling page another great way to immerse in nature

Forest Art Walks

Slow down and observe the small, beautiful details in the world around you! Every Tuesday and Saturday from June 25 through August 20..

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What’s your outdoor adventure personality? Are you a forest bather or a weekend warrior? A flora and fauna lover or a mountain paparazzi? Take the quiz and find out.