Share Your Passion

Help visitors have the best possible experience in Yosemite by sharing your knowledge of the park! Our visitor information assistants spend a month helping park visitors from around the world enjoy Yosemite, while also giving back to the park and deepening their own connection to this special place.

Visitor information assistants play an essential role in the park, including by sharing key information with visitors at outdoor contact stations and reinforcing Preventive Search and Rescue (PSAR) safety messages on popular trails.

Our volunteers camp as a group in Yosemite and typically work 32 hours per week. Volunteers enjoy free entrance into Yosemite, a 30% discount on books and educational materials at Yosemite Conservancy bookstores, discounts from the park concessioner, and time off to explore the park.

COVID-19 Safety Procedures

We will continue the strive to run our program at full capacity, adapting as needed to ensure the health and safety of volunteers as well as staff and park visitors as the coronavirus pandemic continues. Before submitting an application please be advised that Yosemite Conservancy requires all employees and volunteers to have a current COVID-19 vaccination.

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Please check back in the new year for a schedule of 2023 stewardship opportunities.

Visitor Information Assistant Frequently Asked Questions

Visitor Information Assistant Position Description

Visitor Information Assistant Schedule of Dates and Locations


Volunteer Art Instructor

Use your creative talents to lead Yosemite-focused art classes that inspire and educate visitors.

Work Week Crews

Enjoy a week in the park while working on trail repairs, habitat rehabilitation and other projects.

Corporate Work Projects

Build camaraderie with coworkers while supporting the park during a weekend of restoration work.

Youth Art Teacher Volunteer

Help Yosemite’s youngest visitors connect with the park through art during the summer season.