Our corporate work projects provide an inspirational backdrop for employees to work together on Conservancy-funded restoration or rehabilitation projects that are critical to Yosemite’s future.

Corporations that contribute at least $25,000 annually to Yosemite Conservancy can select a group of 25 employees to participate in a work weekend in the park. During a work weekend, volunteers camp in the park, work with and learn from National Park Service personnel, enjoy evening presentations, and spend free time exploring Yosemite in small groups. This enriching volunteer experience expands corporate visibility and sustainability awareness, contributes to team building, and instills company pride in making a substantial difference in the park.


Become a Donor to Participate

These volunteer opportunities are exclusively for corporations that make a donation of $25,000 or more to Yosemite Conservancy’s projects and programs. To learn more about corporate work weekends, please contact Laurie Peterson at [email protected].

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Volunteer Art Instructor

Use your creative talents to lead Yosemite-focused art classes that inspire and educate visitors.

Work Week Crews

Enjoy a week in the park while working on trail repairs, habitat rehabilitation and other projects.

Visitor Information Assistants

Spend a month sharing your Yosemite knowledge to help visitors navigate and enjoy the park.

Youth Art Teacher Volunteer

Help Yosemite’s youngest visitors connect with the park through art during the summer season.