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It’s officially March, and signs of spring abound in Yosemite! As the snow begins to melt in the high country, rivers roar and waterfalls cascade down to Yosemite Valley.

Join a Conservancy adventure to make the most of your early spring visit to Yosemite!

Our outdoor adventure programs offer an escape from the hustle and bustle. Join us for the chance to experience some of the park’s hidden gems and trails less traveled. Our naturalists guides have pre-planned a seamless spring day trip so that all you have to worry about is making your way to the park! Check out two of our featured adventures in spring 2022:

  1. The first day of spring often brings brisk and breezy weather and the reawakening of native flora and fauna. In our Spring Equinox day hike in Yosemite Valley on Sunday, March 20, your guide will lead you on a casual, relaxing stroll to observe the changing of the seasons. In a world of rushing to reach your destination, this easy day hike will help you slow down and enjoy the journey.
  2. The magic of spring doesn’t stop at the park’s boundaries! Explore the Sierra Nevada foothills while they’re lush with greenery, wildflowers, and pollinators during our Wildflowers on the Merced day hike on Sunday, March 27. Hike on a lesser-known trail just outside of Yosemite to experience hillsides blooming with colorful poppies, redbuds and lupine. You’ll see flora and fauna you might not otherwise have stumbled upon, and explore like the locals!

Scroll down for a few images taken on past Yosemite Conservancy adventures, and visit our OA homepage for a full list of upcoming trips! (Scroll to the bottom of the page for an event calendar.)

Bright flowers blooming in El Portal, just outside Yosemite National Park. Photo: Ann & Rob Simpson

Bright poppies and lupine blooming in El Portal, just outside Yosemite National Park — join our guided day hike on March 27 and we’ll take you to our favorite spring spots for wildflowers!

When you join an outdoor adventure, your naturalist guide will point out signs of the shifting seasons and discuss how some of the animals and plants have adapted to the Sierra Nevada’s tough winters.

Participants explore the Sierra Nevada foothills during a Yosemite Conservancy wildflower day hike in El Portal, March 2013.