PLEASE NOTE: As a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Ostrander Ski Hut will close for the season on Sunday, March 15, 2020. All reservations for March 15 and beyond will be canceled and refunded.

Ostrander Ski Hut will be open Friday, December 20, 2019 to Saturday, March 14, 2020.

For more than 70 years, the rustic stone cabin has been a paradise for Yosemite ski enthusiasts, delighting them with its simplicity. Visitors are greeted by a warm fire, a single bunkroom to be shared with friends, and an affable hut-keeper.

Ostrander Ski Hut offers a secluded, unplugged experience in a uniquely isolated location. While the hut has no electricity, solar-powered lights are provided for evening use, and wood is stocked for heating. Water is collected from a snow-fed alpine lake, and guests filter it for drinking. The rustic accommodation includes single bunks with mattresses, community cookware stocked in a common kitchen, and two outdoor toilet facilities. Visitors provide their own food, water filter, sleeping bag, and personal gear.

Please view the suggested equipment list. Note: Climbing skins are highly recommended to make your journey a success. Skins are not available to rent at the Badger Pass Ski Area. People who try the journey without skins often end up post holing and usually do not make it within a day, or at all, even if they have waxless ‘scaled’ skis.

Warning:  The trail to Ostrander ski Hut is longer and more difficult than most backcountry ski huts in California. The trip can take anywhere from 7 hours to 2 days depending on snow and weather conditions and experience levels. It frequently takes experienced parties 8+ hours so a late start means an arrival after dark. You must be self-reliant and be prepared to spend a night outside of the hut in winter conditions. Cell coverage is rarely found and Search and Rescue functions take many hours to mobilize. Do not rely on the hut keeper, or the National Park Service, to track your arrival and departure. Be entirely self-reliant. While the trails do have blaze marks, stormy weather can easily obstruct the trail markers. Navigation tools such as a GPS or map and compass are highly recommended. Only experienced skiers should attempt this trip.

Annual Information

Ostrander Ski Hut is normally open mid-December through end of March. The operational dates, nightly rates, and reservation kick off dates change annually. This site is updated in late-October to announce information for the upcoming season. Information can also be found on the Ostrander Ski Hut Facebook page.

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Reservation Process

This year, reservations will open on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 12:00 pm. Look for the “Book Now” button on this page. Please read all the information on this page before reserving your stay at Ostrander Ski Hut.

Beginning on Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 12:00 pm, reservations can be booked live online, available first come, first served. Reservations book quickly, so mark your calendar!

Tips for successfully securing an online reservation:

  • On opening day, weekend reservations fill within the first 15 minutes. Consider a midweek trip.
  • Have your trip details planned in advance. Plan alternative dates in case your first choice is full.
  • NOTE: Online reservations are not secured until payment is complete, so move through the first page of the form swiftly.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to reserve Ostrander Ski Hut online.


Rates are $50 per night, per person.

Overnight fees are non-refundable, unless a cancellation is due to road closures and/or park closures. No refunds are given for lack of snow or inclement weather. If there are available dates during the current season, changes can be made to existing reservations online or by emailing The overnight rates cover the total costs for Yosemite Conservancy to manage and operate the hut.


Yosemite Conservancy donors receive a 5% discount at Ostrander Ski Hut. Donors at the $25 gift level and greater are eligible. Join as a Yosemite Conservancy donor. Benefits expire Dec. 31.

Group Sizes

The Ostrander Ski Hut houses a maximum number of 25 people. Large groups are welcome but the limit for a single party is 15 people. Yosemite Conservancy employs a hut keeper to live at Ostrander during the winter ski season to maintain the hut and for emergencies. The hut keeper is not responsible for cleaning up after guests; visitors must pack out all trash.


All visitors must pick up a free wilderness permit at the Badger Pass Ski Area Ranger Station. Designated overnight parking is available at the Badger Pass Ski Area. Vehicle license plate numbers must be printed on the permit.


The excellent skiing at Ostrander Ski Hut attracts backcountry skiers and snowboarders who are looking to ski the steep slopes in the cirque above Ostrander Lake. Along the way, you may enjoy stunning views of Half Dome, the Clark Range and the northern part of the park, including Hoffmann, Dana and Conness peaks. The ski hut is approximately 10 miles from the Badger Pass Ski Area, and all routes require considerable stamina and cross-country skiing experience. Novice skiers should not attempt this trip and traveling to the hut by snowshoe is not recommended. Departures for the ski hut should take place by 9 am to arrive at the hut during daylight hours. Climbing skins are strongly recommended (see equipment checklist). Hauling gear or children on sleds to the hut is strongly discouraged.

There are three different routes to the hut: Bridalveil Creek, Horizon Ridge Trail and the Merced Crest Trail.

There is also a free brochure (including map) of winter trails in the Glacier Point Road area. See brochure.

Equipment Rentals

Ski and snowshoe rentals are available through the Badger Pass Ski Area School at the Badger Pass Ski Area (209-372-8444). Climbing skins are highly recommended but are not available for rent in Yosemite National Park. Traveling to Ostrander by snowshoe is not recommended.

Road Conditions

From mid-December though early April, the Glacier Point Road is plowed to the Badger Pass Ski Area where trails begin. However, the road may close at any time due to storms or road damage. Always check road conditions before traveling to Yosemite by calling 209.372.0200 or visiting the link below. During the winter months, visitors are required to carry chains for all vehicle types. Chains may become mandatory on park roads at any time. Click the link below for information on road conditions from the National Park Service.

Helpful Links

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Visitors to backcountry cabins have an increased risk of exposure to potential disease-causing vectors. To help reduce exposure to such risks, all food must be stored in the rodent-proof bins provided in the kitchen area. Please thoroughly clean food-preparation areas after each meal. For more information, please visit the website of the Yosemite Public Health Department.