Yosemite Conservancy manages Ostrander Ski Hut and is committed to maintaining it for future generations to enjoy. For more than 70 years, the rustic stone cabin has been a paradise for Yosemite ski enthusiasts, providing them with an exceptional opportunity to experience the breathtaking winter landscape and enjoy a tranquil wilderness experience.

Your Support Preserves Ostrander

All revenue from overnight fees is used to operate the ski hut. The Conservancy has also established a reserve account to ensure essential maintenance is carried out. Your support is vital in helping the Conservancy continue this work.

In 2013, work was funded to rehabilitate the hut by replacing water tanks to improve water quality, repairing a dilapidated wood shed that had become vulnerable to rodents, and restoring architectural features. The original countertops of solid planks of sugar pine were refinished, while the stone mortar and lodgepole pine beams that are essential to the historic character of the building also received much-needed repairs.

“This project will preserve the historic Ostrander Ski Hut experience that has been enjoyed by generations of visitors,” says Rod Kennec, exhibit specialist. “By repairing external structures and restoring original features, we have preserved the architectural character of the hut, while addressing the comfort and safety of visitors.”

Please support the efforts to preserve Ostrander Ski Hut by including a donation in addition to your modest nightly rate when returning your form, or consider becoming a donor to Yosemite Conservancy.

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Skiers near Ostrander Ski Hut in 1941. Photo: NPS/Ralph H. Anderson (Yosemite Historic Photo Collection).

Skiers near Ostrander Ski Hut in 1941. Photo: NPS/Ralph H. Anderson (Yosemite Historic Photo Collection).

Short History of the Hut

Ostrander Lake Ski Hut, completed in 1941, was the last building erected in Yosemite by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The construction of the hut was the recommendation of the Yosemite Winter Activities Committee, which was founded to “encourage and develop all forms of winter sports and to advertise and exploit the great advantages, beauties and healthy benefits of winter in the Sierra Nevada to all lovers of outdoor life.”

National Park Service rangers staffed the cabin starting in the 1960s, but by 1974, demand for the hut grew too large, and Yosemite Conservancy, in conjunction with NPS, took over its stewardship and management.

The Ostrander Lake ski hut remains a significant recreational, historic and cultural resource.

Visitors at the Ostrander Ski Hut in 1941. Photo: NPS.

Ostrander Ski Hut in 1941. Photo: NPS.