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Why should you consider volunteering with us in Yosemite? Consider a few of the perks…

Photo: Fred Turner (Tuolumne Meadows Work Week, August 2019).

1. Hike (or bike!) to work. Our volunteers often walk or bike to and from worksites. Imagine starting your day by strolling on a high country trail or a pedaling along a Yosemite Valley path. Blissful, right?

Photo: SM Szalay (Porcupine Flat Work Week, August 2019).

2. Embrace your in-tents love for Yosemite (and for park puns). Spend a week or month camping in Yosemite while you volunteer with the Conservancy. And if you happen to be volunteering on your birthday, we can’t image a better place to celebrate!

Photo: Steven Matros (Capital Group Work Weekend, September 2018).

3. Practice your collaboration skills. You know what they say about teamwork making the dream work … in Yosemite, the dream is happy, healthy ecosystems, and many people pulling together helps turn that vision into reality. Whether you’re working with colleagues, like this 2018 Capital Group crew, or with newfound friends, you’ll play an important part in the collective effort to keep the park in good shape.

Photo: Lisa Chu (Yosemite Valley Work Week, September 2019).

4. Dine al fresco on delicious camp-cooked meals. There’s nothing like good food after a long day of donating time! Volunteers stay fueled at buffets whipped up by talented camp chefs.

Photo: Yosemite Conservancy/Mark Marschall (Porcupine Flat Work Week, August 2019).

5. Blue hats look good on everyone. Whether sporting blue Conservancy hats, neon vests or work gloves, our volunteers set the bar for park-steward style (and safety).

Photo: Jake Myhre (Mariposa Grove Work Week, June 2019).

6. Who needs CrossFit when you have an outdoor gym? Strengthen your Yosemite connection and your muscles at the same time. These Yosemite Conservancy volunteers put their elbow grease into splitting fallen tree trunks during a June 2019 work week in Mariposa Grove; other crews help clear brush and rocks from trails, put in fence posts, pull out invasive plants, and much more.

Photo: Fred Turner (Tuolumne Meadows Work Week, August 2019).

7. Explore the Sierra on your days off. All work and no play is … no fun. Fortunately, our volunteer programs have built-in time off so you can get to know the park even better. The trail to Elizabeth Lake is one of many day hikes volunteers can enjoy during their spare time.

Photo: SM Szalay (Porcupine Flat Work Week, August 2019).

8. Limited cell service means fewer robocalls, but more flowers. Need a break from screens? Let your eyes relish green meadow grasses, granite domes and colorful wildflowers instead.

Photo: Yosemite Conservancy/Mark Marschall (PSAR volunteers, September 2019).

9. Make a meaningful difference for your park — and for your fellow visitors. Yosemite Conservancy volunteers play a critical role in the park, whether restoring trails and habitat or sharing safety tips with visitors as part of the park’s Preventive Search and Rescue program.

Photo: Terri Tipping (Yosemite Valley Work Week, October 2019).

10. Did we mention the scenery? Half Dome, Royal Arches and Washington Column formed a breathtaking backdrop for Conservancy volunteers as they improved meadow habitat for pollinators in October 2019. From the Valley’s cliffs and domes to high country peaks and giant sequoias, it’s hard to find a less-than-stunning spot to work in the park.

Yosemite Conservancy volunteers help visitors at the Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza. Photo: Yosemite Conservancy/Mark Marschall (July 2019).

Yosemite Conservancy volunteers help visitors at the Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza. Photo: Yosemite Conservancy/Mark Marschall (July 2019).

Inspired to get involved? Head to the volunteer section of our website to learn more about all the ways you can donate time in Yosemite!

For the 2020 season, we’re still looking for a few Yosemite fans to volunteer as Visitor Information Assistants in Wawona. You’ll make a big difference for visitors at the Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza and among the famous giant sequoias — and you’ll get to spend a full month in Yosemite, with plenty of free time to explore the park.

For information about other ways to volunteer, check out the Yosemite National Park website for details on individual, group and drop-in opportunities, and keep an eye on our social media for updates about the annual Yosemite Facelift, a park-wide clean-up that the Yosemite Climbing Association coordinates each September.

Thank you to everyone who gives back to Yosemite by giving time — whether you can spare a few hours or a weekend, a week or a month, your generosity plays a key role in protecting the park and ensuring top-notch visitor experiences.