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In response to COVID-19, the Yosemite Conservancy wilderness team has implemented a new online contact form. At this time, this online form is the best way to reach us with questions about your 2020 wilderness permit. There will be no in-park permit pick-up in 2020. All permits will be distributed via email.

Planning Your Wilderness Trip

Please plan your trip before you make a reservation. Park rangers will not plan your trip for you. It is your responsibility to research trails and trail conditions to decide which trip is right for you and your group. You may encounter snowy conditions and dangerous river crossings well into the summer months.

There will be no first-come, first-served permits in 2020. This year, 40% of permits that would normally be available first-come, first-served are instead available by lottery two weeks in advance. You can submit a request 15 days in advance of a hike’s start date. The lottery will run daily and be processed the next day. Unreserved permits remain available up to 9 days in advance. It is not possible to obtain a wilderness permit reservation fewer than 9 days in advance.

For detailed information about wilderness permits, click here

For a detailed map to help plan your trip, click here

Please complete the captcha below to access the trailhead quota report. Note that the chart is for reference only, to help you see available dates for different trailheads. (The dates will magnify as you scroll over them, but they are not clickable.) After reviewing the available dates, scroll down and click the “Request a permit” button to start your application.

If you need help reading this report, please contact us.

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