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Families make memories together in Yosemite and share its natural wonders from one generation to the next. Similarly, legacy donors treat Yosemite like a member of their own family, creating gifts to support the park beyond their own lifetimes. We are deeply grateful for their generosity.

Over the years, Yosemite Conservancy has been the beneficiary of hundreds of gifts made through a will or trust, or a beneficiary designation on a bank account or life insurance policy. We are deeply grateful to each of these donors. Legacy gifts have a longstanding impact that loved ones can see for years to come — here’s a glimpse into the profound difference these gifts make.

A statement of values

Whether you’re inspired by time spent with loved ones in Yosemite, or fond memories communing with nature, including Yosemite as a beneficiary demonstrates to friends and family how much you value memories with your loved ones in the park.

A lasting impact

While gifts to our annual fund are directed to projects happening this year, gifts made through wills and trusts become part of Yosemite Conservancy’s Legacy Fund. This Fund supports ongoing projects like trail maintenance, preservation of cultural and historical sites, and protection of Yosemite’s wildlife. A legacy gift for Yosemite Conservancy will have a lasting impact for Yosemite National Park, preserving its grandeur well beyond our lifetimes.

Anyone can be a philanthropist!

A future gift or designation, no matter how small or large, entitles you to membership in our Legacy Society. By letting us know that you have created a future gift, you join a group of thoughtful supporters who want to make sure that Yosemite will be protected for future generations. By making a bequest of a percentage of your estate, bank account or other assets, the share of what will go to your loved ones is protected, and at the same time the value of your gift grows along with the value of your home or other assets.

Let us know, and gain special insights into Yosemite

You are under no obligation to notify us of your intended future gift, but we appreciate the opportunity to thank you while we can. Donors who inform us of their bequests through wills or trusts become members of the Yosemite Conservancy Legacy Society. Members are recognized in publications and receive invitations to special, behind-the-scenes events during which they can learn more about the history and ecology of Yosemite. Additionally, notifying us of your intent helps ensure that your gift can go to work in the park without causing any problems for your loved ones.

To learn more about making a legacy gift to Yosemite Conservancy, or if you already have plans in place, please contact our Planned Giving Director Catelyn Spencer, who can help ensure that your legacy is properly set up to achieve your particular goals. Thank you!

Catelyn Spencer
Planned Giving Director
[email protected]
415.434.8446 x 319