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Bear-proof food locker sponsorship helps the Conservancy provide for a wide variety of projects and programs, including work to keep bears wild.

Conservancy donors Peggy Hu and Arthur Xu stand in Yosemite Valley. They chose to support Yosemite Conservancy by sponsoring a bear-proof food locker.Yosemite holds a special place in the hearts of Peggy Hu and Arthur Xu, who spent their honeymoon in the park. “Our most special memory — which was also our first time in Yosemite — was back in 1997”, Peggy says. “Yosemite’s breathtaking natural beauty, with its expansive landscapes, stunning waterfalls, and awe-inspiring giant sequoia trees, has left an indelible mark on our hearts.” 

Peggy and Arthur have embraced Yosemite as their favorite place over the past 25 years — from hiking trips together as a couple, to frequent visits with their children, they always make sure to stop at Tunnel View to take in the view together.  

For the past 20 years, Peggy and Arthur have been donating to their kids’ associated organizations.  Now that both of their children are in higher education, the couple felt that it was time to shift their focus towards preserving nature and making a positive impact on the environment.  When Peggy was exploring the Yosemite Conservancy website, she found the bear-proof food locker program — it was a perfect fit for their giving goals.

“We shared this donation decision with our kids and they both supported it very much,” Peggy says.  “I think that it is a wonderful opportunity to teach them the importance of environmental stewardship and the role everyone can play in protecting our natural world.  It is also an important life lesson about responsibility, empathy, and the power of collective action.” 

Peggy and Arthur’s generous gift to help preserve Yosemite’s beauty and natural resources ensures that the place they fell in love with decades ago can continue to flourish. 

There are myriad ways to honor someone special in Yosemite, from sponsoring a bear-proof locker to donating in honor of a park fan in your life to celebrate a special occasion or  commemorate a loved one — or simply to express your shared love of Yosemite!   

Peggy and Arthur's sponsored bear-proof food locker in situ in Wawona.