Our Mission

Provide meaningful and culturally appropriate mentorships for climbers from historically marginalized groups so they can be empowered to achieve their climbing goals, thrive amongst community, and develop strong relationships with the land.

Our Commitments

We are committed to creating a community that is active in the evolution of global climbing culture through the lenses of representation, Tribal engagement, stewardship, and celebration.

  • We are making conscious efforts to bring in athletes, speakers, company reps, and guides who come from our communities or are known allies and accomplices. We are committed to paying all guides and athletes a fair wage.
  • We aim to make this event as accessible, safe, and FUN for as many folks as possible.
  • We are committed to elevating the work of affinity groups by inviting them to participate and offering a platform for outreach.
  • We will lead JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) and allyship trainings with National Park Service staff and volunteers.
Tribal Engagement
  • 14 complimentary tickets reserved for members of the seven traditionally associated Tribes of Yosemite National Park, with travel stipends provided.
  • Informal consultation with community members from the seven traditionally associated Tribes of Yosemite National Park to learn how this event — and climbers — can meaningfully engage with and visit the land now called Yosemite National Park.
  • Service projects
    • “Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.” (Shirley Chisholm, first Black woman to hold a seat in U.S. Congress.)
    • There is an intimate connection we can build with a place when we appreciate and honor them, by giving a little of our time and energy in service. By contributing a bit of ourselves, we can develop a sense of stewardship and lean into reciprocity — I have given back to this place, which has held me. There is a special community built with the individuals we work with in those moments. Look at what we accomplished together.
    • There will be several options for stewardship projects on Sunday, June 25, including litter pick-up, native seed collection, climbing access trail work, and more! They will all run a little more than half a day, take place throughout Yosemite Valley, and require different levels of strenuousness. Everyone is encouraged to participate in a stewardship project and learn about the different ways we as climbers can give back to the places we visit.
  • Zero waste
    • Did you know that an individual can generate up to 50% more trash when they are on vacation? Granola bar wrappers and to-go containers really start to add up. We are providing infrastructure to make this a zero-waste event (organic waste dumpster, recycling, etc.). We also invite participants to think ahead when packing by bringing reusable items. Always carry a trash bag for unexpected treasures!
  • Co-creating spaces for affinity group members to gather and climb!
  • Co-creating and maintaining community spaces in the campground, including a cozy corner and potentially a group kitchen.
  • Creating a schedule with time for climbers to connect with the land and with one another.

Who Do We Aim to Serve? This is our first year and we have limited capacity for camping and clinics. So, we are limiting the event to 100 participants, focusing specifically on folks who are new to Yosemite climbing or consider themselves intermediate outdoor climbers and are eager to learn more. We aim to address financial and logistical barriers that climbers from historically marginalized groups may face in getting to Yosemite National Park and in finding other climbers from similar backgrounds to climb with or learn from.

Who We Are The United in Yosemite climbing festival is hosted by the Yosemite National Park and the American Alpine Club, with support from Yosemite Conservancy. Our community partners include (in no particular order) Brown Girls Climb, Yosemite Climbing Association, Queer Crush Climbing, Climbing 4 Change, and ParaCliffHangers.

But who are we, really? We are park rangers, community outreach specialists, scientists, and field biologists. We are nonprofit organizers and advocates. We are climbing guides. We are people of color, queer, and non-binary. We are rock climbers who love Yosemite Valley. And we want to share and celebrate this place with our communities.

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