Do you have a donor-advised fund? Direct your donations to Yosemite Conservancy to make a real difference in the park. When the donation is received, a letter of appreciation will be mailed to you and you will be recognized on our Honor Wall or Honor Register unless we are instructed otherwise. You will not receive a tax-receipt, and payments from donor-advised funds may not be used towards event registrations or other payments which return tangible benefits.

Your donor-advised fund can make a pledge on your behalf – even during a multi-year time frame, provided the commitment comes from the fund itself.

Contact your fund advisor to start the giving process to:
Yosemite Conservancy
101 Montgomery Street, Suite 1700
San Francisco, CA 94104.

Or use the Donor-Advised Fund Direct Widget, below:

Please check with your fund advisor regarding additional IRS restrictions surrounding giving through a donor-advised fund. Yosemite Conservancy’s Tax ID # 94-3058041. Note that the Conservancy is also known as Yosemite Foundation.