Are you volunteering with Yosemite Conservancy? Your employer might provide donations on your behalf as a form of recognition through volunteer grant programs.

It’s an easy way for volunteers to make an additional contribution. If you’re already volunteering with Yosemite Conservancy please take a few minutes to check with your employer or your spouse’s employer to determine if grants for volunteering are available – grants that could equal hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for Yosemite.

Verify if you quality for volunteer grant programs in five easy steps:

  1. A donor volunteers with Yosemite
  2. Volunteer determines if his or her company offers volunteer grants
  3. Volunteer submits the grant request – either electronically or using a paper form
  4. Yosemite Conservancy validates the grant request (verifies with the volunteer’s employer that the individual is a volunteer with our organization)
  5. Corporation makes a donation

Yosemite Conservancy’s Tax ID # 94-3058041. Note that the Conservancy is also known as Yosemite Foundation.