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2021 was a year of great change and adjustment. As winter turned to spring, and the world began to cautiously open up once more, we were reminded of the inherent resilience of both people and planet, as we found new ways to adapt to challenges.   

Yosemite too found a new balance — thanks in part to the incredible resiliency of our partners in the park, Conservancy staff, and the help and dedication of our loyal supporters, all of which enabled the Conservancy’s good work to continue nearly at full speed. Thanks to your generous support, $12 million was provided to support the park. 

Creative solutions kept our bookstores in operation and our Outdoor Adventures programs expanded significantly to meet the public interest in visiting Yosemite. Hundreds of volunteers continued to give their time and energy to keep scientific research and other park projects moving forward and offer essential information to park visitors.  

We know that the resilience, flexibility, and creative thinking cultivated during this time will play a critical role as we tackle the complex challenges ahead — including the impacts of climate change, which are already affecting wildlife, water resources, and iconic species like the giant sequoia. These traits are also essential as we work to ensure Yosemite is truly a park for all. 

At this point, 2021 might feel like a world away, but the gifts you made last year are still making a difference in the park. Due to your support, we see fragmented habitats restored throughout Yosemite, increased populations of bighorn sheep and the Sierra Nevada red fox, a new generation of wilderness enthusiasts entering the park with Adventure Risk Challenge, and much more. We are so grateful for all you’ve done to preserve and protect Yosemite — and the near-record philanthropic support you’ve shown — during these uncertain times.  

As Yosemite Conservancy heads into our second century of service for the park, we are excited about the opportunities ahead, and are confident our donors will play an indispensable role in ensuring the longevity of this wild and wonderful place for generations to come. We can’t overstate our gratitude. Thank you. 

Matt Adams, Board Chair

Frank Dean, CEO

2021 Annual Report



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