In 2012, the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) returned to Yosemite for the summer. They worked on many projects throughout their eight-week season including restoring campgrounds and installing bear-proof lockers, removing invasive plants and assisting with the construction of a Native American roundhouse. Crews also spent time in the backcountry restoring trails. Along the way they gained invaluable environmental and life skills.

For many youth this was their very first experience outdoors, camping or hiking to work sites. It marked the beginning of a life-long commitment to protecting these great natural places.

As of 2012, over 2,050 youth have participated in this program, completing over 400,000 project hours and providing over $4 million in value to Yosemite.

With your continued support we are creating the next generation of Yosemite stewards.

Partnering with Youth Conservation Corps (YCC), a program for 15-to 18-year-olds and National Park Service.


YCC participant

Project Notes

YCC is enriching and fun, but it's not just a summer camp; enrollees do hard manual labor and complete projects the park needs. It is worthy of support, because through YCC, future rangers, firemen, trail workers and its other park staff are trained. It is not only an investment in Yosemite's present, but in its future.