Yosemite National Park receives over 4 million visitors annually from around the country and the world.

To make the most of what is often a ‘once in-a-lifetime’ trip you need the best trip planning resources. These three podcasts cover popular trip planning questions, including, ‘Yosemite During Peak Season’, ‘Camping’ and ‘Exploring a Beautiful Winter in Yosemite’—an option often overlooked by visitors.

The podcasts provide advice on avoiding crowds while doing your part to protect the park. For example, alternative transportation options or camping tips, like how to secure a reservation, the proper use of bear-proof lockers or the negative impact of bringing outside firewood (and invasive weeds) into the park.

Your support is behind these podcasts. They are compelling to watch, simple to understand and easy to share through social media. Spanish sub-titles are also available.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park

Doug and Judy Adams

Yosemite Conservancy donors

Project Notes

Yosemite is the most magical place on earth. We support the Conservancy because we want this most beautiful of national parks preserved for all of us, and for your children and ours, for all time.