Yosemite Nature Notes is a video series based on the popular 1922–1985 periodical of the same name. These 5–7–minute documentaries feature park rangers, resource managers, park partners and visitors showcasing a variety of fascinating topics, such as night skies, frazil ice, Half Dome, moonbows and glaciers. Viewers can delve deeper into the mysteries behind the park’s natural wonders and learn about little-understood ecosystems where rare plants and animals make their home.

The incredible stories and stunning high-definition video of the park have captured the public’s imagination — these videos have reached more than 7 million Yosemite visitors and enthusiasts around the world! Through compelling images and beautifully told stories, more people are learning about Yosemite and forming lasting connections to the park before, during and after their visits.

Two of the new Yosemite Nature Notes videos produced in 2015 focus on donor-supported wildlife projects: one delves into the history of bear management in the park; another introduces viewers to efforts to bring bighorn sheep back to the Cathedral Range. A third video shines a spotlight on Stephen Mather, who was appointed as the first director of the National Park Service in 1917.

Your support helped ensure that this engaging video series continued to share compelling stories from Yosemite to inspire outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

Completed in partnership with Yosemite National Park and Steven Bumgardner.

Paul Ollig

Deputy Chief of Interpretation and Branch Chief of Interpretive Services

Project Notes

This series increases public understanding of Yosemite’s significant resource issues, challenges managers face in protecting those resources, and work undertaken by park staff and partners to meet those challenges. Upcoming episodes will feature bears, soundscapes and squirrels.