Through your support the internship program with the University of California Merced continues to grow. Every year more students have the opportunity to build on their internship foundation to develop careers in the park or similarly focused wilderness or environmental areas.

The two-year program exposes students to a range of learning and leadership experiences with different divisions and partners. For example, students may work in Wilderness Protection or Preventative Search and Rescue. They work alongside park staff, gaining practical, field- based experience complemented by a professional applied project.

The internship culminates in a symposium held in Yosemite Valley where students present their projects to the visiting public and park managers. These professional applied projects look at areas that are important to protecting the park and are used as resources for park management.

Partnering with National Parks Institute (NPI), University of California Merced and Yosemite National Park

Bee Xiong

Yosemite Leadership Program participant

Project Notes

It was at that moment that it hit me so hard, and I realized that I have found where I want to be. I have found where I belong.