Youth who have completed a WildLink program  have the opportunity to further their educational and professional development with WildLink Bridge.*

WildLink alumni spend two weeks in Yosemite participating in an intense hands-on orientation program that inspires them to consider careers in Yosemite. The program includes meeting with more than 30 professionals who work and live in Yosemite, as well as participating in restoration field projects and completing a wilderness patrol.

In 2014, WildLink Bridge students learned from park professionals involved in habitat restoration, search and rescue operations and more, gained hands-on experience in stewardship work and wilderness patrol, and even explored a college campus by touring University of California, Merced with student rangers and Yosemite Leadership Program alumni.

This program provides a much-needed bridge from the WildLink expedition to career opportunities for these diverse and underserved teens. Creating a sense of home within national parks is critical to creating the next generation of park stewards, many program alumni go on to seek careers in related fields.

Thanks to your support, teens have a crucial link from education to careers in Yosemite.

*Note that in 2015, the name of the program was changed from WildLink Bridge to WildLink Career Connection.

Partnering with WildLink, Yosemite National Park, NatureBridge, and Delaware North Companies Parks and Resorts.

Arturo Gomez

WildLink Bridge participant

Project Notes

The Bridge program changed me. Now feel like I am part of Yosemite, and it is my duty to take care of these beautiful places for future generations.