In 2012, Student Conservation Association crews once again worked alongside National Park Service teams during a 35-day program to remove non-native invasive plants, restore abandoned or ‘social’ trails (informal trails created by hikers) and remove inappropriate campsites from Yosemite’s vast wilderness. Social trails encourage hikers to trample delicate ecosystems and inappropriate campsites detract from the wilderness landscape and often contribute to ecosystem damage.

24,000 acres of wilderness area were surveyed throughout the summer. The work crews removed 12,000 non-native invasive plants from the park, rehabilitated over 400 inappropriate campsites and restored at least 3,000 feet of social trails. Their work restored natural processes, preserved ecosystems while restoring wilderness character to the park, and provided stewardship opportunities for youth this summer.

Thank you for helping protect this magnificent landscape and keeping the ‘wild’ in wilderness.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park and Student Conservation Association

SCA 2010 participant

Project Notes

Our experience felt so wild, like we really earned the sense of accomplishment we felt walking out.