Youth crews work alongside National Park Service teams contributing to the wilderness restoration process. They remove non-native invasive plants, restore abandoned or ‘social’ trails (informal trails created by hikers) and remove inappropriate campsites. Social trails through meadows encourage hikers to trample delicate ecosystems and inappropriate campsites detract from the wilderness landscape.

Over the course of the summer, 24,000 acres of wilderness area were covered and surveyed. Donor funding for this project is based on past successes that saw over 12,000 non-native invasive plants removed from the park over the past several years. Crews have also removed over 400 inappropriate campsites and 800 feet of social trails.

These projects protect this magnificent landscape and allow visitors to enjoy unspoiled wilderness.

Shauna Potocky

Branch Chief of Education

Project Notes

These programs help make meaningful and lifelong connections for youth to places like Yosemite.