Following 2010’s successful exhibit of 19th century visitors to Yosemite National Park, the Conservancy funded a 2011 exhibit of 20th century experience.

Park visitors learned more about the rise of automobile travel, camping and hiking; the construction of a railroad and new hotels and how these affected Yosemite tourism. This exhibit also displayed historic camping gear and provided opportunities for visitors to watch and listen to digitized film and audio files.

Many of the paintings and artifacts were new to public viewing. This exhibit offered visitors a way to see fragile pieces like photographs, letters and souvenirs. By making exhibits like this possible, our donors help ensure that Yosemite’s history is not only protected through conservation, but shared with visitors.

Tom Medema

Branch Chief of Interpretation

Project Notes

The educational exhibits and waysides people see along the roadsides and in visitor centers are all funded by Conservancy donors’ dollars. There are so many different ways Conservancy donors reach people through the interpretive programs in Yosemite that it’s hard to even calculate the total impact.