Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias is Yosemite’s second largest sequoia grove and one of three remaining sequoia groves in the park. Covering about twenty acres and with many giant sequoias it is a popular stop along Tioga Road for visitors.

This multi-year project included improvements that made arriving at and exploring this magnificent grove a serene and pleasant experience, while better protecting surrounding habitat. Trailhead amenities were inadequate and confusing for visitors and detracted from the natural setting.

New universally accessible and sustainable paths were installed, while surrounding habitat was restored to its natural state. Picnic facilities were upgraded and new, relocated restrooms and improved parking help remove clutter and queues from the trailhead.

Thanks to your support, the beauty and serenity of the grove is now reflected in well-designed and sustainable facilities. Habitat is protected while visitors enjoy great resources.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park

Michael Pieper

Project Manager

Project Notes

We are excited to partner with the Federal Highway Administration and Yosemite Conservancy to ensure Tuolumne Grove will receive much needed rehabilitation. Visitors will enjoy better facilities, including new pathways and picnic areas, and the grove will be better protected as a result of this work.