Tenaya Lake is known as the “jewel of the high country” thanks to its picture-perfect setting among granite domes and the vast wilderness. It is Yosemite’s largest front-country lake and one of the park’s most popular summer destinations. Hiking around the lake lets visitors create lasting impressions of Yosemite’s beauty and connect with one of the park’s most special places.

To improve the visitor experience, the south side of the hikers’ loop trail was repaired and rehabilitated in 2013. Social trails were removed and damaged areas restored. New trail and mileage signs were installed at key junctions to improve way-finding. Visitors can now experience a more direct, accessible and scenic trail for hiking around Tenaya Lake.

Thanks to your support, we are preserving and protecting natural resources, while enhancing the visitor experience for generations to come.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park.

Russell Kisch

Roads and Trail Branch

Project Notes

This work will make it easier for visitors to access Tenaya Lake.