For many youth Yosemite remains a remote, inaccessible place where barriers like access to equipment and skills, and community perceptions reinforce that the outdoors is not part of their lives. Without structured programs many would simply never experience the wilderness.

This WildLink program offers that crucial first introduction to Yosemite as well as opening the door to other youth programs that build on this one.

For five days students are led on a wilderness expedition where they explore topics related to their surroundings. The focus is on wilderness and resource management, including cultural and natural history, environmental conservation and stewardship. To ensure students are able to make the most of this experience, WildLink provides pre-trip preparation, community-based stewardship projects and weekend family programs in Yosemite.

For many this is a life-changing experience, opening up a new world that was previously out of reach.

Partnering with: Yosemite WildLink Program, National Park Service, NatureBridge and the USDA Forest Service.

Jesse Chakrin

Park Ranger

Project Notes

It’s really important to me to see the next generation of protectors. It makes me feel good to see the next generation of people who will be caring for this place in the way that I have cared for it.