The Yosemite Archives contain approximately 100,000 slides, as well as 12,000 historic drawings and maps. With your support, Student Conservation Association (SCA) interns helped digitize the archives to increase the database of slides and historic maps for use by park staff and the public.

These collections represent a wealth of information for researchers and staff to use in management decisions and documentation, publications, websites, and educational programming and exhibits. Currently, users must physically search through folders of slides or drawings to find anything. As the majority of materials are between 30 and 70 years old, they deteriorate rapidly if they are handled too much.

Your support ensures digital access to these irreplaceable historic materials and protects them from damage for future generations, while exposing SCA interns to Yosemite’s cultural resources and to the archives profession.

Brenda Lissoway

Project Manager

Project Notes

“Student Conservation Association interns are given the opportunity to engage with historic resources and develop professionally, while creating digital access to collections.”