Yosemite Valley’s popular trails allow access to spectacular views of the park’s iconic natural features. Heavy use has contributed to the degradation of these legendary trails, which is why the Conservancy will fund work to restore the Valley’s most treasured, high-profile trails.

In 2015, in addition to ensuring that all of the Valley trails were ready to welcome visitors for the spring hiking season, crews completed significant work on the Four Mile Trail, including clearing rockslides, repairing structures and improving tread. They also began major restoration work at the Mist Trailhead, which is used by more than 85,000 visitors each month during the busy summer season. Crews built new rock walls and laid down base materials for a well-defined, accessible path connecting the Happy Isles Bridge to the trailhead, which will provide safe, easy access for visitors. With help from one of the Conservancy’s corporate volunteer groups, they installed new split-rail fencing and took steps to remove and prevent informal “social” trails.  Finally, they installed new way-finding and safety signs to give visitors improved awareness of their surroundings.

Your gift helped restore legendary trails that inspire thousands of visitors to connect with Yosemite.

Completed in partnership with Yosemite National Park.

Lou Summerfield

Facility Management Division, Roads & Trails

Project Notes

Every year a crew of Park Maintenance trails workers has the privilege of assessing, maintaining and improving the Valley Trails after a winter of snow fall, water runoff, falling rocks, tree falls and other damage. This project provides for the seasonal opening of the entire length of all frequently hiked Yosemite Valley Legendary trails including Mist Trail, Tenaya Zig-Zags, Four Mile and Yosemite Falls Trails.